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August 29, 2021

Developing a Winning Team: Selling Services – Closing the Deal.. A Side of Fries with That?

Closing the deal with a client.

August 29, 2021

Do you want to earn more money by closing deals? I have a couple of strategies below that I use to close more deals and make more sales.

– Package your service so it is easy for clients to know what they will get. And it's easy and faster for you to estimate!

– Create add-ons, such as “we'll also do X” or we can add “this to our package.” These can be great closing tactics to give someone something extra and make them feel like their purchase was worth it.

Creating Packages

While there is a place for hourly work or digging into details to work out project costs, one of the most important lessons I've learned with my agency is to turn all my services into productized packages. Where instead of trying to work out every detail of the services I'm going to provide before estimating, I've got a package that should cover the overall scope of what we'll be doing for a client.

So for example, if someone wants a custom WordPress theme designed and built from the ground up, I have a base cost for that.

If someone requires monthly maintenance, I have those prices ready to deploy based on the tiers I use.

We have a conversation, I identify what type of project it is, and can usually deliver the estimate right on the call. At the very least I can provide the base cost, and ballpark, and leave it open to increasing that through add-ons or additional rounds of ‘discovery'.

Less calculation and less waiting. And it impresses your prospect! You know what you're doing!!

Closing the deal with a Side of Fries

In closing deals, I have found a great closing tactic – to offer something extra. It helps make your services feel more valuable and can give them a little bit more than they expected.

If I'm selling website maintenance, for example, I might add that we can also help them integrate Google Analytics or help with other items they bring up during our conversations.

Add-ons can be pre-planned or something you will regularly deliver.

But sometimes, you have to think fast. You might be on a call, you're sooooo close to closing the deal and they throw something at you. “Can you help them with ‘x'.”

Now, ‘x' is something you don't normally deliver, but you quickly calculate it wouldn't be that much more effort or you could find someone to help you with that.

Throw it in! Seal the deal. As long as it doesn't take you too far outside of your wheelhouse, you'll be fine!

Do you have any other closing tactics like this that help close deals? Let me know in the comments below.

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