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This blog's mission is to help businesses, agencies and freelancers improve results and extract more value.

Matt Levenhagen &

Unified Web Design

Matt is the CEO & Founder of a small, boutique agency called Unified Web Design, LLC. UWD provides web design & development services to other businesses and agencies.

Sharing Knowledge & Experience

Matt's always loved to share his experience and knowledge to help others... what experience?


2004 -- Matt started building sites with WordPress. In the early days he was a PPC advertiser, affiliate marketer, niche marketer & sold his own digital products/memberships.


2012 -- Matt made a decision to become a Web Designer & Developer - specializing in WordPress. He always loved tinkering with sites; now he could do it full-time for others!


2014 -- Matt starts a 4 year journey working as a web developer for a digital marketing company - learns a LOT.


2019 -- Matt launches out on his own, starts a small web design agency that services business and other agencies to deliver awesome websites using WordPress!