About Matt Levenhagen

Hey there! I'm Matt Levenhagen, a Wisconsin native, online enthusiast, and an entrepreneur with a knack for web design and development. I'm glad you've landed on my corner of the internet, and I'm excited to share my journey and insights with you.

A Bit of History

My path to the digital world began in the early 2000s, not long after I launched my first-ever website for my insurance agency. Around 2005, I took a leap of faith and started earning my living online (going full-time), carving my own unique path.

In those fledgling days, I was all about marketing, with a strong focus on affiliate marketing, niche marketing, PPC advertising, and SEO. I was a one-man band (with a few partners along the way), building sites to promote affiliate programs, selling my digital products, and launching memberships.

The Pivot

Fast-forward to 2012, a pivotal year that saw me diving headfirst into a new passion – web design and development. Having used WordPress for my sites since 2004, it was a natural progression for me to specialize in this platform.

I started by freelancing for several years to learn the ropes, followed by a four-year stint as a lead developer for a digital marketing agency. In 2019, I took the exciting step of starting my own web design agency, Unified Web Design, LLC.

Fast-Forward to Today

And here we are! I've built an international team and we're proud to serve a broad range of businesses and digital agencies, delivering top-tier web design and development services.

This website, the ML Blog, is my digital home where I share my knowledge and passion for the delicate balance between building teams and perfecting processes. I've also taken my love for storytelling and learning from others into the podcasting world with “The Builders.”

About “The Builders” Podcast

The Builders” is where inspiration meets real-world stories. It's a podcast for everyone building something unique in the world or online. We delve into open, honest discussions, creating a comfortable environment as if you're sitting with us around a campfire.

I aim to make each episode feel like a conversation between two friends. We hit ‘record' and let the stories, experiences, and inspiration flow. So, if you're a fan of learning through other people's journeys, this is definitely your podcast!

Enjoy the Journey!

Thank you for joining me here in my little corner of the web! I hope you enjoy the content, find inspiration, and gain valuable insights from my experiences. Let's explore the fascinating world of web design, development, agency and entrepreneurial life together!

~Matt Levenhagen