About Matt Levenhagen

Hello! My name is Matt Levenhagen and the host of “The Builders” podcast.

First a little bit about my background online.

Who is Matt Levenhagen?

I started building websites around 2003 (my first website was an insurance website for my insurance agency!) and I have been making a full-time living online since the fall of 2005.

In those early days I was all about the marketing. I was heavily focused on affiliate marketing, niche marketing, PPC advertising and SEO.

I mostly built sites to promote affiliate programs, sell my own digital products and memberships.

Pivoting to a New Focus

In 2012 I embarked on a new journey. I phased out my businesses to focus on a new passion — web design and development

I naturally gravitated to WordPress as I'd been using it for my own sites since 2004. So that would be my speciality and focus.

So I got my feet wet by freelancing for a few years to learn the ropes, then worked for a digital marketing agency as their lead developer for 4 years and then in early 2019 started my own web design agency.

And here we are! I've built a team and server a good number of business and agencies — delivering web design & development services.

I also am the host of “The Builders” podcast.

Be Inspired and Learn By Listening to Stories

If you are building things in the world or online, this is your podcast.

If you love being inspired listening to others peoples stories, this is your podcast.

If you love learning through other people's experiences (good and bad), this is your podcast.

We have honest, open discussions..

I do my best to create a comfortable environment and invite ‘friends'. I always say, my goal is it to be a conversation between two friends.. and we just hit ‘record'.

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Thanks for stopping by ML! Enjoy the content!