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create a system

August 15, 2021

In a recent podcast called, “Creating Systems & Processes to Achieve Better Results” I talked about how I create a system and a process in my own businesses over the years, the positive impact it's had, and how you might implement them in your business.

But before you can create a system or process, you need to understand some things upfront.

Determine Your Plan, Your Goal & Desired Outcome

Before you do anything you need to know ‘why' you are doing it! Ask yourself:

  • “What is my goal or desired outcome?”
  • “What am I trying to achieve by creating this system?
  • “What is our purpose here?”
  • “What is our plan!?”

This will help you choose the correct systems and processes in order to stand the best chance of success. It will help you build things in a way where you can measure your results and adjust if needed.

I'll give you an example.

At the beginning of this year, we decided we wanted to focus on finding agencies to build strategic partnerships with. That was our defined goal and our desired outcome, to build relationships with new agencies.

Our purpose was simple; it was to find success in a newly defined vertical and increase our revenue. To create more predictable revenue streams.

We were trying to achieve velocity and growth in our agency.

Got it. Now Create A System.

So in our case with those things above in mind, we went to work coming up with a good strategy and system to get in front of people. To get started.

Our first focus was to create a direct email system and a plan to execute this.

  1. My VA would do research to find agencies and their contact info.
  2. We created a process to send out intro emails.
    • Within that to track and split-test emails.
  3. We had a follow up process for those that showed interest.
  4. A process to set up a 15 minute intro call.

That system did land results!

  • I got on the phone with a number of agencies
  • I've received projects as a result and..
  • Built new relationships!

It had a positive impact on our business! Direct email is another tool in our toolkit now that we can use in the future. WE LEARNED.

And we're now deploying a similar system using social media.

Don't Start Without Knowing What You're Trying to Accomplish!

In the above example, if we started doing direct email just because we wanted to get new business, we would have probably wasted a lot of time and wouldn't have gotten any measurable results.

Just wanting to ‘do something' doesn't give you much direction and scatters the effect.

We had success because we had defined things upfront. We had a goal, desired outcome, and knew what we wanted to achieve.

It was something that guided us. It gave us a framework to measure results.

Do the same in your business! Think it through before you act. Have a plan!

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Matt Levenhagen

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