Weekly Improvements in Your Social Media Process

May 02, 2021

When we talk about going online, Social Media will surely come to mind.

There is one truth online, in business, and in life.. what you think upfront is a good starting point, but it's not where you'll end up. You can have lots of great, educated ideas about something, but your market or people will either love it or reject it (or some spectrum in between).

AND this is on the back of a lot of testing in the beginning. You have to allow yourself the room to onboard new information, insights, ideas and data that will guide you to making changes and mixing it up.

You have to understand your goals. Is it to garner engagement, generate leads.. or simply to build brand?

That's what we've been doing internally when it comes to social media.

The first couple years running my web design agency, our social media presence was almost invisible. We were simply focused on our current client base and referrals.

In 2021, that's all changed and we have a weekly distribution routine to add content to all our primary social media properties.

In the Beginning, You Know Nothing

Let me tell you a secret.. that guru telling you to do this, that and the other thing? Probably isn't going to help.

I've been online literally for almost 2 decades doing this stuff. Do you think I have some magical wave of the hand that is going to make me an instant success in this new business and niche I'm in? No..

It's similar to when I used to advertise using Pay Per Click for near a decade.

Every… niche… was different. Content that worked in one, didn't in the other. Ads that worked in one, didn't in another. Tactics that worked in one, didn't in another.

It gets better…

I was an affiliate marketer. So I could test selling the same product from 2, 5 or more different merchants.

Guess what? One.. maybe two? Would actually convert.

What, whis is that??

LOT'S of reasons. (as an aside, that's why I always believed affiliate marketers were often smarter than the merchants they promoted.. they had greater insights just for this one reason – not being tied to one merchant)

But let me tell you this. It's no different on social media. So because guru-Joe or Jane over there says to ‘do this' or ‘do that'.. it won't automatically translate to working for you and your particular flavor of business.

So what do you do?

Ok, maybe you start listening to them.. and you see what happens.

Then you adjust based on your results. Give it a little time.. see what happens. In the beginning, you have to give it a lot of time because you, like me, probably have 5 fans or followers. haha

NOTE, I'm telling you this from a guy that hasn't made it in this niche yet; so take all of this with a grain of salt.. I'm still in process. But I speak from a larger body of past work.

And you iterate.. tweak.. onboard and try new ideas.

Identify the Things that Work…

..dump the things that don't. Testing!

For a few months we've been posting a wide range of content on 4 different social channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn). Most of it reflects or speaks to that weeks blog posts or podcast topics. And then mixing in some random stuff.

Each passing week I sit back and watch.

Each passing week I consider adjustments.

We start to narrow our focus and double down on what's working. We figure out what's getting attention and what's setting us apart. What are people engaging with? How should WE ENGAGE?

It's messy. But in my mind, it's the only true path to succeeding.

Weekly.. Plan & Distribute.. and forget until next week.

Every Monday morning I've readied new content for us to distribute.

We execute on the plan.

That allows me to not worry about content at all throughout the week. I focus on running my business, getting projects done, designing, developing.. getting work done for clients, and working on our products.

Then before the next week starts, I've created new content.. made minor adjustments if needed.. and we repeat.

My hope is if we do this long enough we'll eventually break through and we'll turn those 5 fans into 50.. then 500.. then 5000.. then .. the skies the limit.

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