Vanilla JavaScript – Rounding Out the Toolkit

To kick things off I wanted to talk a bit more about my background with JavaScript.

My ‘real' journey with JS started back in 2014. I'd hacked away at stuff before that and probably knew some jQuery and bits of JS, but it was always a means to an end. Just knowing enough to deliver a solution…

…while truly not understanding what I was doing. haha

I certainly didn't understand anything about ‘programming' with it or building anything from scratch.

But since the day I chose to make it my focal point, it's lead the charge for me and helped me master my craft on a higher level.

My JavaScript journey had me reading up and learning more about how functions worked, what variables actually were.. or how to solve problems that didn't have a ready-made solution.

It led me to broader topics around ‘programming'. Learning concepts, patterns and methodologies that opened my mind. Suddenly, I could see paths to solutions I never knew existed.

You know how they say you don't know what you don't know? Well as you open up and go deep with a topic, it expands your mind in ways that begs the question.. how on earth did I even get by before?

JavaScript rounded out my toolkit which had included:
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • mySQL
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • Bootstrap

That was my core.. and now I could add JAVASCRIPT !

I felt empowered and capable of achieving anything on the front-end. If I couldn't do it with CSS?.. you bet I was reaching for JS.

The lessons I learned with JS carried over to PHP; a language I had much more experience with, but again.. only in passing. I couldn't have programmed my way out of a box with it.

But JS and my pursuit to learning programming suddenly had me understanding how PHP ‘actually' worked and I could actually program with it too!

You might have noticed in my list I haven't listed any fancy frameworks. While I've had the pleasure of trying to do a little with Angular, it's not something I've pursued.

And what I got keeps me PLENTY busy… Every day I'm working on building Bootstrap templates, WordPress themes and performing general dev/coding for numerous clients.

This doesn't mean I won't someday… I mentioned I've dabbled with Angular; I still may need to for one client in particular.. or who knows in the future. But!…

My specialty is WordPress in terms of the business I seek. This might make sense as a) one of my core services is designing and building custom WordPress themes and b) I own and operate a WordPress themes marketplace.. and c) I have plans for a plugin or two.

So I'll be talking about JavaScript on this blog a LOT, but it'll revolve more around implementation in WordPress, Bootstrap, other 3rd Party solutions and just using VANILLA JS.

We might throw in some jQuery in there too. It's not yet dead (yet). 😉

Now you know where I stand… let's get started!

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