Episode 11: A Conversation with Doland White

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This is a conversation with the one and only Doland White.

Doland and I met while working at the same company a few years ago.. he was the CEO and I was just one of the web development grunts. 😉 …but no, we built their WordPress business together and he taught me a lot as I helped build the themes and a team of designers and developers.

He's been involved with technology in some shape or form for over 3 decades. He worked at IBM, 11 years at Novell, Symantec.. and other great companies. He started as a programmer, made his way into management and beyond. There is SO MUCH to learn from him!

In this episode we dig into the business of building a business. How to keep things simple in the beginning, how to put things in place so you don't get overwhelmed, growth vs scaling and so much more!


  • Introductions
  • Doland's Background .. 30+ years in the tech world.
    • Started out as a chef.. for 13 years.
    • Then got into technology..
      • Wrote software in the 80s ..
      • IBM, 11 years at Novell, Symantec..
    • Then got into management.
    • Ran large teams, big sales quotas
  • To manage people you have to understand business. And why that is..
    • Back to school… studied finance, leadership, marketing. To get better.
  • Traveled to 13-14 countries teaching.
  • Eventually found himself at Rapid Crush, Inc… became CEO.
  • Did some consulting for a year+.
  • And is now at Brave Thinking Institute.

  • Jim Kwik‘s S3 – Simple, Small Steps (11:00)
    • Became part of Doland's methodology for a long time.
    • What can I do today to move one step closer to my goals…?
    • Record your wins.. start your day with a win.
    • Limit for goals each day.
    • Break it down to days.. instead of one BIG goal far in the future.
  • Just getting started .. instead of leaning on your comfortable crutch
  • Learning how to ‘stretch'.. do something you've never done.
  • A conversation with my Dad.. The 5 managerial functions
    • If you try and do all of them, you'll go nuts.
    • My rebuttal.
  • The difference between leading and managing.
    • There are times you have to lead and times you have to manage..
  • Solopreneurs and small businesses
    • Delegating – “I no longer do that”
    • Freeing you up to do something else.
  • Getting Things Done“.. mention.
  • You have to do this.. you have to get up at 5am …. “No you don't”
  • Time Boxing / Leveraging Your Calendar
    • As your business shifts.. re-allocate those blocks of time.
  • Atomic Habits” .. mention.
  • I have to write a 1 year, 3 year, 5 year business plan… “No you don't”
    • Focus on shorter time frames
  • Growth vs Scaling a business
  • Phases when you shouldn't delegate..
    • Project Management.. is relationship management.
    • Being careful not to replace yourself and damage a relationship
    • People you've built relationships with
  • Good ways to introduce new people to work with your clients..

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