How JavaScript Changed My Dev Life

Welcome to my first blog post on my brand new blog!

JavaScript is Awesome!

I haven't made it widely known that JavaScript is my thing. Most people don't know (beyond close friends). But it has played a REALLY important role in my journey..

Back in 2014-15, I had reached a point in my career/biz as a developer where I had hit a wall with what I was capable of doing. I came to the conclusion if I wanted to up my game and get to the next level, I really needed a deeper understanding of JavaScript and programming.

Up until then, I had a basic understand and could hack stuff together, but I certainly struggled to build anything from scratch.

A function? What was that? 😅

So I embarked on that journey spending weekends taking courses, working on small personal projects, and learning the ropes…

I'm glad I did! It didn't take long for it to payoff.

And over the next few years, it was clear WordPress (the CMS platform I'd been specializing with – and still do today) started to go in the direction of JS as well.

Up until a few years ago WordPress was by all intensive purposes built on PHP. That's not the case today. It's close, if not beyond, 50/50 these days.

I also learned how to ‘program' through JS… I broadened my studies to including general programming, databases and more. I even read books like “Code Complete”… heavy stuff. haha

Bottom line, I attribute my level of success today 100% on making that decision.

The decision to become JS Focused changed everything for me.

One thing that has been missing over the years is a platform to share my knowledge, experience and journey; including what I've learned and do with JavaScript. Enters this new blog!

I have a lot to talk about. Stay tuned!

-Matt Levenhagen

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